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We Provide Mainframe Connectivity

Mainframe IDs at affordable price

Getting access to Mainframe is a costly affair and mostly left to the corporate users. We at Mathru Technologies have come up with a unique product to bring this under individuals affordability.

Mathru Technologies is now providing connectivity to Real time Mainframe server running latest z/OS operating system. We tailor our service according to client requirements. Corporate companies and Mainframe Training Institues are using our service to meet their high-end requirements. Individuals are also getting connected to our Real Mainframe, to enhance their skills.


99.99 % availability on all 365 days.
Server Maintenance is done for a half hour on Sundays, usually in the early morning.

Dedicated Support

We facilitate technical support to clients by a dedicated technical staff having 14 years of experience on mainframes. Timings are between 8 AM to 8 PM all days of the year except Sundays. In addition, via quick email response on any queries.

Fast Response time

The server is connected to main Internet backbone via high bandwidth leased lines ensuring fast user response time, with 99% assured network Up-time.

Seamless Connectivity

You can connect to our Mainframe server virtually from anywhere in the world using internet.
Client needs TN3270 terminal emulation software to connect and work, which can be downloaded free from internet.

Available Software

  • z/OS 1.13
  • COBOL v4.2
  • PL/I v4.2
  • DB2 v10.1
  • CICS v4.2
  • JCL
  • VSAM
  • ISPF v6.3
  • QMF v10.1
  • File Manager v11.1
  • Debug Tool v11.1
  • DITTO v1.3
  • IMS DB/DC v11.1
  • Rexx
  • Assembler




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